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  • Tittle: Differences in multiple cultures- Vietnamese Lantern Festival- New Immigrant Culture Lecture
  • UpdateDate: 2022.03.24      

The Service Center for New Immigrant Families of Miaoli County will hold the 2022 New Immigrants Multiple Culture Lecture - “Differences in Multiple Cultures - Vietnamese Lantern Festival” on Saturday, March 12, 2022. The morning session will be from 10:00 to 12:30 at the Service Center for New Immigrant Families of Miaoli County (Rm. 2, 9F., No. 1, Zhanqian, Neighborhood No. 16, Shangmiao Village, Miaoli City), and the afternoon session will be from 13:50 to 16:00 at the New Immigrant Community Service Center of Zhunan Township (No. 452, Guangfu Road, Jiaxing Li Village, Zhunan Township, Miaoli County). We encourage new immigrant families to bring their children to attend the event!

Lantern Festival is a traditional holiday that originated in China; it has a long history in East Asia and is an important festival for Chinese people all over the world. Lantern Festival is also known as Shang Yuan Festival, Xiao Zheng Yue (little first lunar month), or Yuan Xi, Xiao Nian. It’s also called Yuan Xiao, Yuan Xiao Festival, Shang Yuan, or Mid Zheng Yue. The holiday is on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month every year, which is the first full moon night of the Lunar New Year that indicates the coming of spring. The Chinese tradition is to eat yuan-xiao, watch handmade lanterns, and ask and solve riddles to celebrate.

After new immigrants move to Taiwan, they have to spend traditional Chinese festivals together with their husbands’ families. In order to make the second generation and other family members of the new immigrants appreciate the traditional festivals and cultures of the immigrants’ homeland, this lecture is thus being held so that new immigrants can spend foreign Lantern Festival with their families even if they’re far away from home.

All the family members, regardless of age, are welcomed to attend the lecture to enhance the parent-child relationship and learn about foreign cultures. All new immigrant families are welcomed and encouraged to sign up for the lecture! The number of participants is limited. For more information about signing up for the lecture, please call 037-277011 or 037-277017.

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