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  • Tittle: “Don't Be a Little Hedgehog” Supportive Group Workshop for New Residents
  • UpdateDate: 2022.06.08      

The Service Center for New Immigrant Families of Miaoli County will hold a 2022 Supportive Group Workshop for New Residents titled “Don’t’ Be a Little Hedgehog”, organized by the Service Center for New immigrant Families in Miaoli County. The workshop will be held on June 10, 15, 17, and 22, from 18:30~20:30 (2 hours per section). New resident families living in Miaoli County are welcome to participate!

Cross-cultural marriage is becoming common in Taiwan. Many new residents, after arriving in Taiwan, soon become a wife, a daughter-in-law, or a mother. Sometimes, they have to adapt to local culture and customs right away before establishing a deep relationship with their husband's family. They also have to face the judgment, prejudice, or discrimination of the locals against new residents. These are the burdens that new residents have to bear to adapt to Taiwan.

We encourage new residents to participate in supportive group courses. The lecturer will encourage the participants to face the stress and anxiety, resulting from the pandemic, and help them to express their burdens. Through a listening ear and group support of fellow immigrants, new residents will be able to express their emotions and hopefully find release. In addition, simple interactive activities and handcraft lessons are offered as therapy for new residents to help deal with their negative emotions and reduce the pressure they feel during their adjustment period. When facing conflicts between relatives, new residents will be able to use these newly acquired skills to redirect the situation and take control of their own lives without being too deeply affected by negative emotions.

We invite new residents to open their hearts and participate in the workshop to relieve pressure. New residents and their family members are all welcome to take part in the workshop! The number of participants is limited. To book your place, please call 037-277011 or 037-277017 for more information.