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  • Tittle: Non-travel Agencies Cannot Sell Tickets for International Flight
  • UpdateDate: 2022.06.27      

Gillian is new to Taiwan and is married to Taiwanese national. She often shares sales information about international flights and provides her contact information for visa applications as an agent on Facebook.

Gillian said, “I only share information about discounts and offers for flights to my friends. I’m not aware of any regulations preventing this in Taiwan.”

It is illegal to sell international flights and provide visa application services online without a valid travel agency license!

Tickets to travel by air, land or sea may be sold or purchased on behalf of passengers by travel agencies only. It is illegal to sell international flight tickets without a travel agency license.

Non-travel agencies that sell international flight tickets may be fined a minimum of NTD$100,000 up to NTD$500,000.

Non-travel agencies that post tourism business information online may be fined a minimum of NTD$30,000 up to NTD$300,000.