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  • Tittle: Starting in August 2022, the Child-Rearing Allowance Will Increase
  • UpdateDate: 2022.07.25      

To fully support parents in taking care of their children, the government continues to promote the National Childcare Policy for Ages 0-6, including “expanding affordable education and care services,” “doubling child-rearing allowances,” and “lowering child care and education fees” to further alleviate the burden of childrearing on families so that young people are more willing to marry, give birth, and happily rear children.

(1)    Child-Rearing allowances:

The monthly child-rearing allowance for the first child is increased from NT$3,500 to NT$5,000.

Additional allowances for the second and third children and beyond increase to NT$6,000 and NT$7,000, respectively.

(2)    Lowering Child Care and Education Fees:

Starting August, child-care subsidies for children ages 0-2 attending public, nonprofit, and quasi-public care centers will be increased by NT$1,500.

Starting August, the tuition for children ages 2-6 attending public, nonprofit, and quasi-public preschools will be reduced by NT$500. The monthly payment shall be no more than NT$3,000.

For more information, please refer to Early Childhood Educare Online

Parents can apply online:

Or call the toll-free service hotline: 0800-205-105

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