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  • Tittle: New Immigrant Family Service Center Support Group Healing Hearts: Pastel Nagomi Art Course
  • UpdateDate: 2023.08.01      

The New Immigrant Family Service Center is holding "Healing Hearts: Pastel Nagomi Art Course" on August 5 and 12, 2023. There are four sessions in total; each session lasts three hours and can accommodate eight people. The sessions total 12 hours. The 2023 Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center Support Group welcomes parents and children of new immigrant families of Miaoli County to enjoy the course.

Pastel Nagomi Art was founded by Mr. Hosoya Norikatsu in 2002. The use of dry, soft pastel colors is characteristic of Pastel Nagomi Art. Scrape the pastel into a powder, use your fingers and simple tools to apply the powder to paper, and make a beautiful painting.

We encourage new immigrants to participate in support group courses. Through the guidance of lecturers, by listening, and with the support of people around them, new immigrants can feel more at ease and alleviate stress through simple interactive card games and handicrafts. Arts and crafts can also help participants learn to stay positive and regain control of their lives when faced with pressure or family problems.

We invite new immigrants and second generation immigrants to participate in the course to enhance family relationships. New immigrant families are very welcome to sign up! The number of places is limited. Please call 037-277115 or 037-277117 for course sign-up details.

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