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  • Tittle: 2023 New Immigrant Family Interactive Miaoli County-Railway Exploration: Visiting the Coast Line
  • UpdateDate: 2023.08.01      

The New Immigrant Family Service Center of Miaoli County is holding a interactive family activity for new immigrant families of Miaoli County on Sunday, August 6, 2023.

Railway Exploration: Visiting the Coast Line. New immigrant families are welcome to participate!

The scenery along the railways in Taiwan are diverse and beautiful. If you would like to explore the beauty of Taiwan, but aren't familiar with the roads and want to avoid traffic, why not choose Taiwan Railways for a family trip to see the sea and mountain views, and towns and countryside along the way?

Many families love to take trips and enjoy a wonderful time together. However, traffic jams, unfamiliar roads, high parking fees, and access to transportation can put people off. The Taiwan Railways Administration have planned mountain line and coast line railways, each with its own features. The New Immigrant Family Service Center is encouraging new immigrant families to use public transportation to experience the beautiful surroundings and attractions along the coastline from Miaoli to Changhua. The train departs from Zhunan and goes to Changhua Roundhouse. Participants then take a shuttle bus from Changhua to Dajia Jenn Lann Temple. The return trip is from Dajia to Miaoli Railway Station.

We encourage new immigrant families to learn about important transportation in Taiwan, and taking a relaxing railway trip and visiting local ancestral temple culture is a great way to do this. The use of convenient public transportation prevents traffic build-up and saves time trying to find parking, enabling families to enjoy a trip where both parents and children can relax.

Parents and children of new immigrant families of Miaoli County are invited to participate to enhance family relationships and increase interaction. New immigrants are very welcome! The number of places is limited. Please call 037-277115 or 037-277117 for event registration details.

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