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:::2022-10-04 Tue
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Activity Update

  • Tittle: Application Brochure for the “New Immigrant Arts and Culture Promotion and Community Empowerment Participation Project – Regional Counselling Group" now released, organized by the National Immigration
  • UpdateDate: 2021.08.03      
  1. To facilitate participation of new immigrants in community empowerment and help promote their cultural heritage, the Ministry of Culture encourages new immigrants to work with communities and organizations in cooperative projects. Considering the scope of the projects, which are located all over Taiwan, a counselling mechanism for each locality is required to encourage new immigrants and communities to participate in more projects. Therefore, guidance groups in the four major regions, north, middle, south, and east of Taiwan, are established to assist new immigrants in implementing projects as scheduled.          
  2. Subsidy targets and amounts are as follows:
    1. The subsidy target: Organizations, juridical persons, colleges and universities, non-governmental organizations (excluding political organizations), apartment building management committees, and businesses registered according to the law.   
    2. The subsidy amount: The goal is for four programs to be selected from four regions, and each program is granted a maximum of NTD 500,000.  


The application can be processed online and on paper. ( The deadline for applications is 5 pm on August 15, 2021 (paper applications will be dated by the postmark.) Please contact Miss Hu and Miss Su at the JADWRP for further information by phone: 08-7371382 or email:

An Official Letter from the Ministry of Culture.pdf pdfName檔:An Official Letter from the Ministry of Culture.pdf
Application Brochure.pdf pdfName檔:Application Brochure.pdf