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:::2022-10-04 Tue
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Activity Update

  • Tittle: Miaoli New Immigrant Family Service Center Other Course - Environmental Orange Style
  • UpdateDate: 2022.04.16      

The New Immigrant Family Service Center of the county will organize another course – environmental orange style at the original Fenghu Elementary School from 10:00 to 12:30 on April 10 and April 17, 2022. Parents and children of new immigrant families are welcome to participate.

Following the technological progress and economic development of recent years, humankind has overdeveloped natural resources, resulting in severe ecological destruction that directly affects human survival.  Therefore, the UN established the Environment Program in 1972 to promote environmental protection works. Meanwhile, the governments of all countries have also responded accordingly and started valuing ecological conservation and environmental protection issues.

Through the environmental cleaner DIY classes, the New Immigrant Family Service Center produces environmental cleaner using fruit peels and oranges and grapefruit on hand to make an eco-friendly cleaning solution. It can be used to wash hair, face, and body, as well as to wash clothes, dishes, and floors at a low cost and for better environmental health. These classes enhance the concept and action to love earth for new immigrants and helps them understand that protecting resources on earth is not hard and can be done without extra trouble. All new immigrant families are welcome to register! Seats are limited so call 037-277011, 037-277017 for registration