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Activity Update
  • Tittle: 2022 New Resident Skill Learning Course – Pottery DIY
  • UpdateDate: 2022.06.27      

The New Resident Families Service Center of Miaoli County is pleased to announce the 2022 New Resident Skill Learning Course - Pottery DIY. The first session will be held on July 16 from 9:10am to 12:30pm at Xinfu Community Center in Yuanli Town.
The second session will be held on July 17from 9:10am to 12:30pm at Yuanlin Community Center in Nanzhuang Township. All new resident families in Miaoli County are welcome!

Miaoli was known as the “hometown of pottery jars”. There are many kilns in the county, and all pottery jars, from quaint to large, are a symbol of the area. The soil is hard and permeable, making is particularly suitable for large pottery such as jars, water tanks, and flower containers. Although the prosperous pottery industry is a thing of the past, pottery culture remains a feature of Miaoli County.

Zhong Xi-xia, a new resident from Hakka Village in Kalimantan, Indonesia, is taking the course. She will guide new resident families in experiencing the fun of making pottery and learn about the local pottery industry.

New resident families are very welcome to sign up to the course! Please call 037-277011 to register (spaces are limited) or 037-277017 for inquiries.