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:::2024-07-22 Mon
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Activity Update

  • Tittle: The Multicultural and Family Interaction Activity for New Residents in 2023 – Let's Get Together
  • UpdateDate: 2023.05.22      
The New Immigrant Family Service Center of Miaoli County will hold the "Multicultural and Family Interaction Activity for New Residents in 2023 – Let’s Get Together" on Sunday, June 4, 2023, from 09:00am to 2:00pm at Shuiyuan Village Activity Center (No. 11, Shuiyuan, Miaoli City). We invite new resident families of Miaoli County to bring a dish to share and meet others from their original country and other places.  After new residents come to Taiwan, they are typically busy taking care of family and working. Moreover, due to the pandemic, the journey to visit home became further and more restricted than ever before, making it difficult for new residents to return to their native countries to visit family. With Mother’s Day coming in May, people may be missing their home country and relatives even more. The New Immigrant Family Service Center is a warm place for new residents to feel comfortable. It also provides new residents with assistance for daily life. We hope people consider the center as a home away from home in Taiwan, and use the space to meet and bond with other new residents. We invite female new residents to bring a signature dish and join the event. The service center will also prepare food and serve it buffet-style. We will also host a new resident dance show, family-friendly games, a multicultural experience booth for families, and information about online safety. There will also be an opportunity to win prizes. We invite all members of new resident families to participate in the event to strengthen the family relationship and interact with other new resident families. New resident families are sincerely welcome to sign up for the event. The number of places is limited. Please call 037-277115 or 037-277117 for more details.
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