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Activity Update
  • Tittle: 2023 Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center-Beipu Hakka Culture Event
  • UpdateDate: 2023.06.19      

Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center will hold the “Beipu Hakka Culture Event” on Sunday, July 2, 2023, from 08:00 to 17:00. We invite the new immigrant families in Miaoli County to, hand in hand, participate in this event!

Most of the female new immigrants in Taiwan come from China and Southeast Asian countries, with various customs and cultures. Once they get married in Taiwan, their living habits and cultures are also different from those in their home countries. The Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center hopes that through mutual learning and local culture-guided tours, the new immigrant women’s relationships with their families will be enhanced by understanding the local cultural characteristics and environment of Taiwan, hence integrating into their local life better.

The New Immigrant Family Service Center expects that by organizing the “Beipu Hakka Culture Event”, the parent-child one-day activity to visit the Green World Ecological Farm and Beipu Old Street will provide an opportunity for the new immigrant families to enjoy leisure activities, interact with each other, and experience multi-ethnic cultures. Thus, the new immigrants and their family members will not only broaden their horizons but will also learn to accept and respect the cultures of various races. In other words, it’s also to remind the new immigrant family members to respect the original culture of the new immigrants’ home countries more.

To enhance the parent-child interaction and the keen observation of the participants, there’re stage-clear games for participants to take part in. Each household that participates in the parent-child activity will be given a stage guidebook. Those who fill in the correct answers in the guidebook within the stipulated time are regarded to have completed the stages.

We invite the new immigrant families to participate, hand in hand, in the event as well as to promote parent-child relationships and interact with other new immigrant families. New immigrant families are sincerely welcome to sign up for the event. The number of places is limited. Please call 037-277115 or 037-277117 for registration details.

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