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Medical, Birth and Healthcare

  • Tittle: National Health Insurance Cares about the Happiness of New Immigrants: National Health Insurance Subsidies for New Immigrants before Household Registration
  • UpdateDate: 2022.07.27      

With the New Immigrants Development Fund of the Ministry of the Interior, the National Health Insurance Administration provides National Health Insurance Subsidies for new immigrants prior to household registration, offering National Health Insurance subsidies for economically disadvantaged new immigrants (including China, Hong Kong, and Macau) before household registration in order to alleviate the burden on economically disadvantaged families with regard to paying for National Health Insurance premiums and protecting their rights to medical care.


1.    Subsidy Eligibility: New immigrants obtaining National Health Insurance with Alien Residence Certificate and are from a low (middle-low) income family (including widowed without remarriage or divorced supporting a minor child alone in Taiwan).

2.    Subsidy Amount: New immigrants of a low-income family before household registration: Full subsidy; new immigrants of a middle-low-income family before household registration: half subsidy.

3.    Application Method: Fill out the application form attached with the applicant’s ID, ARC, Household Certificate, and low (middle-low) income family certificate and submit an application at a district office of the National Health Insurance Administration regional division or liaison office.

4.    Subsidy Period: The subsidy is available from the eligible month of the application year to December of the same year. Reapplication is required every year.

New immigrants are disqualified for the subsidy once s/he has acquired a National Identification Card.

National Health Insurance Service Hotline:

Call 0800-030-598 or 4128-678 (area code not required) via a local telephone; call 02-4128-678 with a mobile phone.

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