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:::2022-09-29 Thu
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Assistance in Employment Counseling

  • Tittle: The Ministry of Labor will provide Academic Subjects Question Reading, Broadcast in Mandarin. (A Service for New residents Attending the Skill Test)
  • UpdateDate: 2022.07.11      

Candidates who are or were a foreign spouse (or are from the Mainland China Area) who apply for the National Technician Skills Test (Level C/Single level) on the following 8 occupations can apply for academic subjects question reading to be broadcast in Mandarin, according to the service regulations:

 “Caregiver (former-Child Care Provider)”, “Nursing Assistant”, “Beauty”, “Female Hairdressing”,” Chinese Culinary (meat/vegetarian cooking)”, “Baked Food (bread/ pastry)”, “Fixed Crane Operation - Overhead Travelling (with cab/ with remote control)”, “Fork Lift Operation”.