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  • Tittle: A new resident was fined NTD $200,000 for violating regulations by providing immigration services to a fellow villager without a legal permit
  • UpdateDate: 2022.04.26      

A-jiao, a Vietnamese new resident who already acquired a R.O.C. Identity Card, posted on a Vietnamese club Facebook page that she was able to provide all kinds of immigration services and consultations, including for dependent residency and naturalization, and charges an illegal agent fee that ranges from NTD$ 1,000 to NTD$ 10,000. She was recently requested by the Taipei City Brigade, Specialized Operation Corps. of the National Immigration Agency, MOI to appear to testify and was fined NTD$200,000 in accordance with the “Immigration Act.”


According to the “Immigration Act,” immigration business is regulated in a chartered industry. An agent is required to apply for a permit and business registration certificate to provide immigration services. Such agent is allowed to publish posts or advertisements and charge service fees in private. If illegal behavior is found and proved to be true, a fine of NTD$200,000 to NTD$1 million may be imposed per violation. The National Immigration Agency stated that, according to the regulations of the Immigration Act, immigration affairs including residency, permanent residency, and naturalization are all the business categories falling under immigration agency. Therefore, when new residents apply for a Resident Certificate or Permit Certificate of Nationality Loss and are not able to apply by themselves, it is necessary to submit the documents via a legal immigration agency.

Regarding the application procedures of residency and permanent residency for new residents, please feel free to directly contact the National Immigration Agency service station in each municipality and county. If you would like to ask an immigration agency to handle the affairs, please refer to the official website of the National Immigration Agency for a list of legal agencies. Before choosing an immigration agency suitable for your needs, you should inquire with several agencies and compare the differences. Furthermore, please remember to sign a contract to protect your own rights.

The information available on the Internet is varied. Many new residents like to obtain information through social networking sites such as Facebook or LINE. However, we kindly remind new residents not to believe personal introduction messages or online ads on Facebook fan pages, as well as not provide immigration services on behalf of others. Whether transnational marriage matchmaking or an application for a residency certificate, please apply via the web page of the National Immigration Agency or refer to the legal immigration agency list to select a proper representative to provide the service for you. You can also dial “1990 Immediate Help,” the service hotline for foreigners living in Taiwan, which provides help in seven languages for immediate consultation.