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Life Adaptation Counseling

  • Tittle: The Instruction Brochure for New Residents Entering Taiwan
  • UpdateDate: 2022.07.11      

For new residents to have a preliminary understanding of the conditions, culture and customs, immigration laws, and related benefits in Taiwan, the National Immigration Agency has integrated the information of immigration counseling and training across the departments to print “The Instruction Brochure for New Residents Entering Taiwan” in multiple languages. In addition, the service provided also extends from "after entering Taiwan" to "before entering Taiwan". We expect to deliver the latest information on immigration counseling and training in Taiwan to the new residents. There are three main topics included in the brochure: ‘Understanding Taiwan’, ‘Life Guidance’, and ‘Identity and Rights’. The contents are presented in both Chinese and foreign languages ​​to enable new residents to read it with their family members and relatives, to increase communication and interaction.

7-2-1英文.pdf pdfName檔:7-2-1英文.pdf
7-2-2英文.pdf pdfName檔:7-2-2英文.pdf