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  • Tittle: To Inform “New Immigrants Arts and Culture Promotion and Community Empowerment Participation Project – New Immigrants Empowerment Cooperation Project and Regulations” Organized by the Ministry of Cult
  • UpdateDate: 2021.09.01      
  1. In order to facilitate the participation of new immigrants in community empowerment, the Ministry of Culture has organized relevant empowerment courses to assist new immigrants, their children, and people who are concerned about the issues of new immigrants. It aims to plant the cultural seeds for new immigrants to be actively involved in public affairs and have more project cooperation by new immigrants and communities. 
  2. The registration period and methods are shown as follows:
  1. Registration Period: Register for online courses from August 30-31, 2021, September 4-5, 2021, and September 6-7, 2021. Register for in-person courses from September 1-2, 2021 at Pingtung Youth College.
  2. Registration Method: You should be fully registered by August 28, 2021, online (https://reurl.cc/LbOyZa). The list of participants will be announced on https://communitytaiwan.moc.gov.tw on the aforementioned website.   
  1. The collaboration project and regulations are as follows,
  1. The project can be proposed in four categories:
    1. New immigrants or their children in a group (at least two participants).
    2. New immigrants cooperating with organizations, juridical persons, colleges, universities, non-governmental organizations (excluding political organizations), apartment building management committees, and business names that are registered or recorded according to law.
    3. New immigrants’ children who study in a college or university in a group (at least two participants, one of them should be the child of new immigrants).
    4. Other: Those who are not new immigrants but continue to be concerned about the issue of new immigrants (at least two participants).
  2. The Subsidy Amount: Each project is granted no more than NTD 300,000. 
  3. The application can be processed on paper and online via the link https://reurl.cc/gWXZGL. The application materials must be submitted by 5 pm on September 30, 2021 (a paper application will be based on the postmark).
  1. A copy of the New Immigrants Empowerment Cooperation Project and Regulations is attached. Please contact Miss Hu and Miss Su at JADWRP for further information by phone: 08-7371382 and email: jadwrp@gmail.com.
Application Brochure.pdf pdfName檔:Application Brochure.pdf