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Activity Update

  • Tittle: Registration begins for Miaoli County interpreting staff in the New Resident Counseling Training Program!
  • UpdateDate: 2021.11.09      

The Service Center for New Immigrant Families will hold “Registration of Miaoli County Interpreting Staff for the New Resident Counseling Training Program” on December 4, 5, 11, and 12 (Saturdays and Sundays) to promote the professional knowledge of interpreters in Miaoli County. The aim is to increase professional interpreters in Miaoli County, protect the privileges of foreign residents, and create a friendly, multi-cultural environment for foreigners living in Miaoli County,

  We welcome foreigners who can speak their native language as well as Chinese (equivalent to the basic level of the proficiency test) with basic administrative and word processing abilities to register and take part in this program to increase the professional knowledge of interpreters, continue to enhance the span and depth of interpreting services, and improve the overall service quality.

 The course will take 30 hours in total and includes:

  • Professional ethics and responsibility in interpreting
  • Acknowledgment of types of violence
  • Zero violence (prevention and reporting)
  • Emotional management
  • Taiwan culture and gender equality
  • Related legal knowledge for new residents in Taiwan
  • Introduction and utilization of children and youth welfare resources
  • Introduction and utilization of social welfare
  • Professional ethical laws in interpreting: Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law, confidentiality and real cases
  • Frequently asked questions regarding household registration
  • Introduction of police duties
  • The promotion of traffic safety
  • Case handling and investigative procedures
  • Common legal knowledge for new residents
  • The process of immigration-related work
  • Frequently asked questions, etc.

  After finishing the courses, the trainees are required to take written and verbal tests. Those who achieve 70 points for each subject will be awarded a certificate of completion and be registered in the interpreter database for units in the government network to access your services.

  First-come-first-served basis with limited vacancy. Register now! Online registration is also available! (https://forms.gle/GWu6rFMRhx85ZTNN8)

 You can also deliver the registration form and required documents in person, mail or fax to 037-263198 addressed to the Service Center for New Immigrant Families (Rm. 2, 9F., No. 1, Zhanqian, Shangmiau Vil., Miaoli City, Miaoli County). If you have any inquiries, please contact 037-277011、037-277017.