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Information Security Policy
  • Update: 2018.05.29      
  • Unit: 原住民族及族群發展處族群發展科

Internet security protection measures To ensure network security and that this service can continuously serve all Internet users, the website provides the following security protection measures: 1. A Network-based Intrusion Detection System is adopted to monitor network flow in order to identify malicious hackers or others who try to upload or modify website information without authorization. 2. Firewall is installed to prevent illegal intrusion and corrupting or stealing information, as well as its illegal use by others in order to protect users’ rights. 3. Virus scanning software is installed to periodically scan for viruses, providing users with a safer webpage browsing environment. 4. Hacker attacks are occasionally simulated to practice system restoration procedures and provide the appropriate security protection level. 5. Back-up procedures are conducted every day, and all information is copied to the back-up host. 6. All e-mail notifications regarding security maintenance are automatically received from related operation system suppliers or application suppliers, and the PATCH program is installed if necessary according to the suggestions of the e-mails. Self-protection procedures Please keep your password or any personal information private. Do not provide any personal information, particularly your password, to others. After completing an online application, reading your e-mail, or other functional maintenance in the administration zone, please remember to log out. If you are using a shared or public computer, remember to close the browser screen to prevent others from reading your personal information or e-mail or from entering the administration zone of the agency. Regarding revisions of the security policy Due to rapid technological development, the security policy provided on the website may be revised as necessary in the future before the completion of relevant laws and regulations and in response to unforeseeable environmental changes in order to protect your network security.