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:::2024-07-22 Mon
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  • Tittle: Miaoli County New Immigrant Education and Learning
  • UpdateDate: 2024.03.07      

The Ministry of Education subsidizes Hai Bao Elementary School, Wu Gu Elementary School, and Zhu Nan Elementary School in our county to establish "New Immigrant Learning Centers." These centers offer diverse courses, encompassing family education, multiculturalism, skills training, humanities and arts, empowerment, and policy advocacy. We strongly encourage both new immigrants and their families to actively participate in these courses to cultivate harmonious family environments.


In our county, we are addressing the literacy needs of new immigrants while simultaneously providing childcare for their children. This approach ensures that new immigrants have opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write Chinese characters, while also resolving childcare issues.


Annually, our county organizes the "Self-Study and Continuing Education National Elementary and Junior High School Graduation Examination”, which includes students with disabilities, to encourage new immigrants to obtain qualifications equivalent to elementary and junior high school graduation. Additionally, we facilitate "Subsidiary Schools of Elementary and Junior High Schools" to encourage new immigrants to enroll. Upon completion of studies, participants can obtain graduation certificates equivalent to those awarded by elementary and junior high schools, facilitating further education or employment opportunities for them.