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Privacy Policy

  • Update: 2018.05.29      
  • Unit: 原住民族及族群發展處族群發展科

Application of the privacy policy announcement The following privacy announcement shall apply to the collection, application, and protection of personal information involved in your use of “Miaoli County Government” website services. I. Personal information collection and usage This website will not collect any personal identity information for the simple browsing of and downloading files from “Miaoli County Government” websites. The “Miaoli County Government” is obligated to protect the privacy of all applicants. Except with your permission, no personal information or files will be modified or deleted. Personal information may be modified or deleted only with your prior consent or in the following circumstances: 1.Through legal channels 2.To protect or defend related personal rights or ownership. II. Information sharing and publication The “Miaoli County Government” will never sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private enterprises, except for in the following circumstances:  

1.To cooperate with a juridical unit in a legal investigation  

2.To cooperate with related authorities in an investigation or use against duties  

3.The disclosure is believed to be needed by laws in goodwill or for the management of website service maintenance or improvements.