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Miaoli County New Resident Family Service Center

  • Update: 2023.03.27      
  • Unit: 原住民族及族群發展處族群發展科

Unit: Miaoli County New Resident Family Service Center (organized by Miaoli County Thanksgiving Charity Association)

Service area: 18 townships throughout Miaoli County

Our services:

1. Consulting services: phone care, welfare consultation

2. Case services: phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, accompanying service, family relationship consultation, identity nationalization, consulting, legal advice, connections to various resources

3. Advocacy services: community advocacy, event advocacy

4. Activity services: parent-child activities, family leisure activities, cultural adaption lectures, training for driver’s license tests of motor vehicles

5. Interpretation services:

Address: Rm. 2, 9F., No. 1, Zhanqian,Neighborhood 16, Shangmiau Village, Miaoli City

TEL: 037-277115.037-277117

FAX: 037-263198

Office hours: 08:00 AM- 05:00 PM Mondays to Fridays

Target service groups:

1. New residents who actually live and have their household registered in Miaoli County

2. Family members of new residents

3. Units, organizations, and the public that care about resources for new resident families

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