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:::2024-07-21 Sun
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  • Tittle: Employment Assistance from the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency
  • UpdateDate: 2024.04.01      

Work Permit Exemption with ARC


To better support and care for new immigrants and their spouses from foreign countries and the mainland, starting September 16, 2011, the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency added the note "The holder of this certificate does not require a work permit" on ARCs, safeguarding their right to work in Taiwan. In accordance with the Employment Service Act and the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, new immigrants holding ARCs in Taiwan are permitted to work in Taiwan without needing to apply for a work permit. Inquiries: National Immigration Agency Hotline: 02-23889393 ext. 3122


Individual Employment Services and Promotion Measures to Assist New Immigrants

1. In collaboration with municipal, city, and county governments, the agency dispatches personnel to discuss employment services during various life adaptation courses, facilitating new immigrants' transition to employment after adapting to life in Taiwan.

2. Public employment service institutions provide individual services based on new immigrants' employment needs, including job consultation, registration, referrals, interview support, translation services, and employment promotion courses to help understand the job market, clarify career directions, and assist with getting people in the workplace.

3. The "Operation Directions for Subsidies to Promote the Employment of New Immigrants" outlines the use of temporary job allowances, hiring incentives, vocational training living allowances, and job-seeking transportation subsidies to support new immigrants in their search for  employment.

(1) Temporary Job Allowance: Assists new immigrants in adapting to the workplace and entering the labor market smoothly. The allowance equals the basic hourly wage announced by the central authority, capped at the monthly basic wage, for a maximum of six months.

(2) Hiring Incentives: To encourage employers to hire new immigrants, each employer who hires an employee referred by public employment services receives NT$11,000 or a NT$60 per hour subsidy per month per employee for a maximum of 12 months.

(3) Vocational Training Living Allowance: Training fees are fully covered for new immigrants attending vocational training courses organized, commissioned, or subsidized by the Workforce Development Agency. A living allowance provided at 60% of the basic wage is also provided to ensure basic living  during training for a maximum of six months. 

(4) Job-Seeking Transportation Subsidy: For job locations over 30 km from an employee's regular residence, a subsidy of NT$500-1,250 per trip is provided up to four times per year per person.

4. Workplace Learning and Re-adaptation Program: Through partnerships with companies or civil organizations, this program provides new immigrants with workplace learning and re-adaptation opportunities and allowances. The allowance equals the basic hourly wage announced by the central authority, capped at the monthly basic wage. Administrative and counseling fees at 30% of the actual allowance are provided to employers for a maximum of three months.