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  • Tittle: Online Learning Materials for New Immigrants Language Courses
  • UpdateDate: 2024.06.18      

一、  To meet the teaching and learning needs of new immigrant language courses, the Ministry of Education's National Education Administration hired experts, scholars, and instructional support personnel from 2016 to 2019 to compile, edit, and review learning materials. These materials encompass seven languages: Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, Malay, Filipino, and Burmese, with 18 books per language, totaling 126 books. This initiative ensures that the content of the materials aligns with curriculum guidelines and meets the instructional requirements of teachers and students.

二、After the approval and finalization of the new immigrant language learning materials by the National Education Administration, they are all posted on the  "Education Information Website for Children of New Immigrants" ( for teachers, students, and the public to access, adopt, and utilize widely.