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:::2024-07-20 Sat
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  • Tittle: The first immigrant-friendly workplace initiative begins! National Immigration Agency assists new immigrants in embarking on their career paths
  • UpdateDate: 2024.06.18      

The National Immigration Agency has established the "New Immigrant Empowerment and Development Information Network" in seven languages (Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, and Burmese versions) and set up an official Line account. This platform provides information on eight main topics including healthcare benefits, employment empowerment, and life counseling for new immigrants. The "New Immigrant Friendly Workplace Section" features Q Burger, a company in the Western and Asian-style brunch industry, selected as the first immigrant-friendly workplace. On the 13th, the company hosted a visit for 30 new immigrants invited by the National Immigration Agency's Taipei and New Taipei City service stations at Q Burger's headquarters. The visit included experiencing workplace personality assessments, as well as hands-on activities such as croissant and coffee making, creating a lively and cheerful atmosphere filled with laughter and joy.


Do you know what a "Croffle" is? Q Burger launched its exclusive product "Croffle" in 2018 and completed its trademark registration. The "Croffle," freshly made to order, combines the texture of waffles with the crispiness of croissants. It has become a well-known star product at Q Burger. New immigrant sisters tried their hand at making it, and upon seeing the finished product, they all exclaimed in amazement.


Hu Yuhua from Vietnam, who has been in Taiwan for 25 years and currently works as an accountant, has always dreamed of opening a breakfast shop. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit inside a company recently. After today's visit and various experiences, it has strengthened her determination to switch to the food and beverage industry.


Lin Shujun, originally from Cambodia and currently unemployed, living in Taichung, expressed that she hasn't found her ideal job yet. Upon hearing about the joint enterprise visit and experience event organized by the Immigration Department, she took the early morning train at 7 a.m. to participate. Lin Shujun believes that through practical visits, she can better establish her future career direction and have more choices in the workplace.


Q Burger Joyful Dining Company has translated its internal work manual into multiple languages and established diverse communication channels. The company implements friendly measures such as fulfilling entrepreneurial dreams and adjusting shift schedules for pregnant employees, ensuring the rights of new immigrants interested in employment. We welcome unemployed individuals or those looking to change careers among new immigrants to join the Q Burger family.


The National Immigration Agency is openly soliciting enterprises that meet the criteria for the Friendly Workplace for New Immigrants initiative. Enterprises interested in applying for the "Friendly Workplace for New Immigrants" program are welcomed to submit their applications. The applications will be jointly reviewed by the National Immigration Agency and the Ministry of Labor. Enterprises that meet the qualifications for a friendly workplace for new immigrants will receive commendation certificates.


Through the New Immigrants Empowerment Development Information Network, new immigrants can quickly access relevant information, reducing risks such as job traps, document fraud, and employment discrimination. Through public-private cooperation, a win-win situation is promoted, providing new immigrants with a platform to shine in the workplace. For more information on registration, please visit the New Immigrants Empowerment Development Information Network at Your active participation is welcomed.