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Activity Update

  • Tittle: Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center – Programs in 2023
  • UpdateDate: 2023.10.31      

Homemade Cuisine Cooking Class

    The Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center is holding the 2023 Miaoli County New Immigrant Family Service Center – Homemade Cuisine Cooking Class on November 11 and 19, 2023. We sincerely welcome new immigrants of Miaoli County to sign up!

Regardless of where you are from, the living and eating habits of each family are different. Some families are vegetarians while others are non-vegetarians; some families prefer spicy food while others prefer a blander diet; some families like to dine out while others like to cook at home. Every family has their own preferences when it comes to food.

But how do people of different nationalities and different families adapt to the Taiwanese diet? How do you tickle your family's taste buds? It’s not easy to please everyone and mastering difference cuisines takes patience, understanding, and communication.

Sometimes dietary differences affect different people in a family in different ways and can even strain relationships (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, parent-child, husband and wife) if dishes don't meet expectations. Avoiding malnutrition is imperative for children. We are offering a homemade cooking class specifically to help new immigrants develop their cooking skills and enhance family interactions, so that everyone in the family can enjoy a balanced diet.

New immigrants and their family members are very welcome to join the cooking course to improve their cooking skills as well as integrate themselves into the local diet in daily life. Numbers are limited and places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. For further registration details, please call 037-277115 or 037-277117.