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:::2024-07-22 Mon
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Activity Update

  • Tittle: 2023 Immigrants Day & International Migrants Day Event – Fun Earth Oven Cooking
  • UpdateDate: 2023.10.31      

     “Immigrants Day” in Taiwan originated from “International Migrants Day” promoted by the United Nations. The Ministry of the Interior designated December 18 “Immigrants Day” in 2021, calling for countries around the world to consider the importance of the human rights of immigrants and respect of multiple cultures. In response to this important holiday, the Miaoli County Government is holding the “2023 Immigrants Day & International Migrants Day Event – Fun Earth Oven Cooking” from 9am to 12pm on November 4 at Xizhou Community Center in Houlong Township, Miaoli County.

The event features a new immigrant service promotion area, earth oven cooking, exotic style performances, outdoor bubble DIY experience activity, and indoor exotic children’s folkgames. We welcome the public to experience traditional rural folkgames and wonderful exotic performances. Also on offer is the chance to collect stamps in the promotional area booth and children’s folkgames area. Collect six stamps and you can redeem an exquisite gift. Invite your relatives and friends to participate in the grand event now!

Learning to respect and include the diverse cultures of multiple ethic groups is an important process for Miaoli County in becoming a friendly and livable city. We hope that through events such as this, the general public in Taiwan gains a deeper understanding and respect for new immigrants living in Taiwan.

The event agenda is as follows:


Guest registration (including government policy advocacy booth and performance team registration)


The event opening by the host and the explanation of earth oven cooking


Opening dance-exotic hot grooving dance performance


Speeches by the Magistrate and guests


Bubble Interactive Theater


Interactive game for the public – Starry Sky


Bubble DIY experiencing time

Earth Oven Cooking experiencing activity

Exotic multicultural performance

Children's fun folkgame playgorund (eight indoor folkgames to try out)