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:::2024-07-20 Sat
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Activity Update

  • Tittle: Emotional Support Group - SAFE Voices
  • UpdateDate: 2024.04.11      

Language barriers and differences in identity can often make it difficult for people to express their inner thoughts, leaving them with only people from where they are from to confide in. To aid mutual understanding with new immigrants, there should be channels that provide a sense of security where people can interact. To encourage new immigrants to participate in activities outside their homes, social workers are leading the way in providing a communication channel for new immigrants to express themselves freely and enhance family relationships.


The Southern Miaoli New Immigrant Family Service Center is holding the "New Immigrant Support Group - SAFE Voices" event on April 20. The morning session will be led by instructors, allowing new immigrants to break the ice and speak in a safe environment. The afternoon session will involve using emotion cards and making moss balls, allowing new immigrant children, parents, and colleagues to thrive and build resilience.


This event consists of four sessions, each lasting two hours, with a maximum of 10 participants per session. Classes will be held from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm on April 20.


We sincerely invite new immigrants who are interested in the event to participate. Limited spots are available, so register now! For registration, please contact Mr. Weng on 037-276027.