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:::2024-07-20 Sat
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Activity Update

  • Tittle: Enhancing Life Regulations Workshop
  • UpdateDate: 2024.05.13      

Laws are omnipresent yet often invisible in our daily lives. Without a grasp of legal knowledge, it can be challenging to respond effectively to various situations and mitigate legal risks. This is particularly crucial for new immigrants who, due to language and cultural differences, require fundamental legal knowledge for their protection.


The New Resident Family Service Center in Miaonan District will host the "Enhancing Life Regulations Workshop" on May 19. The workshop will focus on everyday regulations, covering common regulations and basic legal knowledge for new immigrants living in Taiwan.


During the course, participants will also receive hands-on guidance on using mobile devices to access various government employment resources, such as from employment service agencies, vocational training, and online job search information. The second session will feature a presentation by an ombudsman from the Financial Ombudsman Institution on the topic of the financial exploitation of new immigrants.


This event aims to accommodate 25 participants and will take place from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on May 19.


We sincerely invite new immigrants who are interested in the event to participate. Limited spots are available, so register now! For registration, please contact Mr. Weng on 037-276027.