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:::2023-09-24 Sun
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  • Title:Taiwan, My Home-Episode 1
  • Unit:社會處
  • Update:2020.07.15
  • Description:Episode 1, “Taiwan, My Home”: More than 600,000 new immigrants currently live in Taiwan. Most of them come from China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. After moving to Taiwan, they experience a long period of adjustment, from cultural adaptation to community integration. “Story Listener” has planned a series of reports featuring “Taiwan, My Home.” The first episode is about the story of the new Vietnamese immigrant, “Feng Shi-ying.” After getting married in Taiwan, she had to overcome the arduous life of living away from her hometown and adapting herself to the different practices in Taiwanese society. Several years ago, she made use of her advantage of “her mother tongue, Vietnamese” to teach at schools and communities, find her life goal, and live a splendid life.
    Film Source: TBC